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There are images in “Expedition to the End of the World” – which was shot on digital video by cinematographer Martin Munch and his team – where you feel so disoriented that you can’t tell whether you’re looking at sea or land, ice or water, fog or sky. One of the crew members, photographer Per Bak Jensen, discusses the disorder known as Stendhal syndrome, in which an experience of great personal significance, especially the viewing of artistic or natural beauty, can cause disorientation and dizziness. (The French novelist Stendhal supposedly had such an experience while visiting the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence.) This film could be understood as an attempt to induce Stendhal syndrome, and also to document it. But the goal is not purely or primarily aesthetic, as powerful as that effect is. Jensen’s own manifestation of the syndrome is to scrawl a triangle-shaped diagram in his notebook that explains “the meaning of life,” and as ridiculous as that idea is, I was almost convinced.

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On one hand, story in a comic-book film is largely a pretext for showing off the technology and moving the characters into spectacular confrontations. On the other hand, plot is a difficult thing to get right in a movie like this, because it needs to employ familiar tropes – a hero, a villain, a globe-threatening crisis and a couple of unexpected switches – while not seeming entirely derivative. Black and Pearce get a solid B-plus here for Kingsley’s mysterious Mandarin, who looks vaguely Middle Eastern but talks with a possibly put-on down-home accent, and hacks into cable TV transmissions anytime he wants to deliver his dire messages to the world. He has some revenge agenda directed at the sourpuss Republican-looking president played by William Sadler, and one of the faintly seditious touches in Black’s work is that it’s nearly impossible to feel any sympathy for that guy. Then there are two figures out of Tony Stark’s past, a cutting-edge brain researcher called Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), snubbed by Tony at a Y2K New Year’s Eve party, and a long-ago ex-girlfriend played by Rebecca Hall, who may never have gotten over him.

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